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7 Days a Week, 7 Times a Day, 7 Weeks Our words have a supernatural power – power that changes circumstances and situations! When you confess God’s Word, you are not denying physical facts and temporary circumstances, you are declaring what God, who never changes, has said about the outcome....

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Hindered Prayers

One area of our lives we believers have particularly neglected is the area of our relationships. We simply haven’t heeded the Word of God where they’re concerned. We’ve fussed with one another and criticized one another so much that we’ve hindered the forces that God has given us to make...

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Do you know what Jesus was really talking about when He said those words? He was talking about the mourning of the intercessor. He was teaching about the comfort that comes to the intercessor when he is assured by the Holy Spirit that he has prayed through. To pray through means “to break...

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